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Our programs are based on a formula has proven time and time again to help you achieve your fitness goals. The camps offer an energetic and lively workout experience tailored to fit any lifestyle. By combining traditional exercise and core functional conditioning with an urban flare, Rock Star Fitness Camps has developed a fun, effective and appropriately challenging workout for both men and women.

Rock Star Fitness Camps’ programs are directed toward these three components of exercise:

The act or power of resisting, opposing, or withstanding weight.

Raising the heart rate while performing an aerobic act.

The state or quality of being stable. Firmness in position.

So if you’re wondering, “Are Rock Star Fitness Camps for me?”

Absolutely! Anyone interested in beginning a regular workout in a fun and safe environment. Our goal is to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to focus on one goal: Becoming a ROCK STAR in fitness!

Your average personal training sessions cost $50-$120. Rock Star fitness camps are personalized for the average person to afford. Along with networking with professionals like yourself, clients are able to motivate and challenge each other to reach their goals.

Fitness assessments are performed at the beginning, middle and end of the fitness camps. This will enable the client to track their progress as they continue through their workout.

Get Fit Challenge

Tai Chi Lessons

Get Financial Fit