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FIGHT with breast cancer

Sunday afternoon, the phone rang, it was one of my best Friends, Celeste ( she was living in Oakland California at the time).
She wanted to talk to my wife and I but wanted to speak to us at the same time. I put her on speaker worried about what she had to say….and the First words she said was that She loved us…. I then asked, “What’s wrong?

She said, she was diagnosed with stage 3 BREAST CANCER! Silence…..my heart Fell to my stomach!
All I could do was picture all the times Celeste and I sat on the stairs in our apartments and talked about our Future and what we were going to do with our lives.
My First words to her were, “we will support you through everything!” The second thing I said was, “what are the steps we need to take to FIGHT this cancer?”

Step 1. Move back to Dallas
Step 2. Get enrolled in the #1 hospital recognized for treating breast cancer, UT Southwestern
Step 3. Begin chemo to clear this up!
Step 4. Amputate breast/ mastectomy
Step 5. Continue with life

These steps are assuming everything goes right! (Urghh, this is so hard to write about)!

So, with this on my mind, I go to work on Monday, wishing I could blink my eyes and this would all go away…….
Time passes in thought and emotion.

A potential client comes into the office and we begin to talk. I Find out that she is the SENIOR FINANCIAL Analyst for UT SOUTHWESTERN!
OMG, I could not believe this! I immediately called Celeste and got them in contact with each other!
A couple of days later, Celeste moved back to Dallas and was enrolled into UT SOUTHWESTERN TREATMENT! I gave my client a nickname (WB) *aka* WALKING BLESSING!

After Celeste started treatment, I begin to see the hardest part of this entire experience. Six treatments of Chemo and then removal of the breast!!!WTF This is not going to be easy For her ( or me).

When people have to go through chemo, they recommend having a buddy. I happily took the roll along with her mother and sister. I have been through a lot in my life, but I know one thing for sure, to see a loved one go through pain is one of the hardest things in the world!

Deep breaths…Fuck it, I have to man up For my Friend!

Aug 23rd 7:30am was my day to go with Celeste to her Chemo treatment. I still was not prepared for this hard and emotional experience.

We go to the hospital, it is crazy busy there. I put this Front up like this is easy, but I was really nerves For her!
After they hook her up with the I V and begin to circulate the chemo through her, we began to reminisce and laugh about our Friendship! That girl is crazy!
My nervousness wore off. 3pm comes around and it was time to go. Celeste was dizzy and somewhat incoherent. I did not like that, I begin to hurt inside and wanted to just start crying, but I stood strong and lead her to the car! As I drove her home, I begin to think about if she wasn’t that big sister in life. I probably wouldn’t be where I am now! She pushed me to do better, stuck by me and believed in my goals! This is the least I could do!

Once I get her home and get her settled, I leave. I went to the nearby Walgreens and parked. Just thinking about what I just experienced, I just bust out crying! I’ve held it in since 7:30 that morning!
I couldn’t let her see my weakness, because I have to be strong For her!

I just know God won’t put us in a situation that we can’t handle! With that being said, after I cried….I wiped my Face and dried my tears and told myself, “HANDLE THIS FOR CELESTE, PUT YOUR BOXING GLOVES ON ADE’ and let’s get ready to FIGHT!

As people from my past life know me, I am not scared of anything, but God! If you want to knuckle up or pull pistols, we can….but to Fight something you can’t control makes me Feel weak and let’s me know I am not in control!

After my cry, I Felt like a young Mike Tyson in his younger days looking at his opponent eye to eye, waiting to see the kink in his armor!
I know I don’t really understand how cancer and chemo Feels, but, I will stand and FIGHT with all my heart and continue to be there For my FRIEND!


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